Hurricane Cleanup in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Hurricane Cleanup in Gaithersburg, MD and Surrounding Areas

Hurricane season in Maryland is tough for everyone to deal with. If you think you need hurricane cleanup services in the future, be sure to call us. We handle fallen trees, damaged roofing, and flooding. Plus, we can remove mold and offer many other restoration services.

Our team is very experienced in managing all the challenges that arise after a serious storm. By reaching out to us, you will be ensuring you get the best restoration services in the area.

Be sure to stick around if you need to learn more about hurricane clean up in Gaithersburg, MD. We covered everything you need to know below!

How We Can Help with Hurricane and Storm Damage Cleanup

During hurricanes in Columbia, MD, there is likely a lot of flood damage to deal with. We offer full water damage restoration services. Our team of experts will dry your home or business, then follow through with a mold check. When we are finished, we will restore your home.

Hurricanes are dangerous and leave a lot of destruction in their wake. If you have to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane, it is extremely difficult to do on your own. We cover all of the steps, so you do not have to worry about a thing.

We Check Damage First

After a hurricane, you likely want to return home right away. However, it is still not safe to do so. Call us first- we will send our team of experts out to check on your building. We have all of the proper protective equipment and have dealt with these situations many times in the past.

We will check for falling debris, electrical dangers, flooding, and more. We will let you know what we find, so you can determine how to proceed. Our team will be able to drain flooding and handle standing water at your request.

Next, we check the rest of the home for structural damage. Then, we move onto the roof, if it is safe to do so. Often, there is a lot of debris on the roof that needs to be cleaned. Garbage, trees, branches, and loose shingles can lay up there after a storm.

Overall, let us check first so you can stay safe. If your home is dangerous and not suitable to stay in at the moment, we will restore it for you.

We Make It Safe

You can trust us to make it safe to return home. If you were unable to unplug appliances before you left, any standing water in the home has the potential to be lethal- you do not want to touch it! We have the proper equipment to deal with these situations.

You do not want to return to an unsafe home- let us make it safe before you go back.

We Specialize in Storm Damage Repair

Advanced Restoration Solutions specializes in storm damage repair and restoration. If your roof or building was harmed during the storm, we will be over within an hour to assist you. We will determine what damage your property suffered- and what we can do to fix it. Our pros will return with all the needed tools and materials.

Repair Services

If you had to board up windows during the storm for your own safety, we can repair them for you. We replace broken windows and deal with nail marks from your boards. We can also offer restoration to any other inside areas that received damages from the storm.

Most often with hurricanes, that means repairing roofs and dealing with flooding. We extract the water, then check for signs of water damage.

Clean Up Services

During hurricanes and big storms, a lot of debris can get tossed into your yard. On top of repair, we also offer clean up. We will clean your yard, roof, and other areas of your property impacted by the hurricane.

Often trees and plants can be uprooted. Garbage cans can also open all over your yard. If you don’t have time to clean it up or have other things going on, we can handle the aftermath of the hurricane for you.

What Happens After the Storm?

After we clean up your home, it may still not look like it once did. Storms can be extremely damaging. However, we always follow through with complete restoration. We have the talent and tools needed to completely restore your home.

We offer this service to all of our customers in the Gaithersburg area. We are very dedicated to helping you restore your home or business after an unexpected event causes damages.

We Work With Your Insurance

Hurricanes are expensive and your home owner’s insurance might be giving you trouble. We always make sure to check with your insurance and work with them. That way, you are not left paying unexpected costs out of pocket. That would be extremely stressful, especially after a very serious event.

Let us handle the stress of talking to your insurance company for you. We have dealt with several different providers and are confident we can get plenty of restoration completed on your home.

Overall, never be nervous about contacting us and asking us questions. We have worked on hurricane damaged homes in the past and understand what you are going through. Money should be one of the last things on your mind right now. Advanced Restoration Solutions always does our best to make dealing with insurance as simple as possible.


Hurricanes are very serious. You want to make sure the people you hire to help you with the clean up are serious too- you want to know they will be there with you every step of the way. Advanced Restoration Solutions will do just that for you and get your home back in shape.

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